The Watchu Experience

Patriots' Path Council's Trail to Philmont

The Watchu Experience is an 18-month-long program of teenage high adventure, capped by a backpacking trek at Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, New Mexico. Beginning January 1st of Brochure each year, groups of 8-12 people may apply. Individuals may apply at any time. Applications are available December. Patriots' Path Council makes it easier than ever to be a part of this unique and exciting high adventure opportunity offered by the Boy Scouts of America. Please visit for more details.

Philmont Scout Ranch

The Watchu Experience

I. Starting the Adventure

January to September

II. Getting it All Together

September to May

  • Monthly crew development
  • Backpacking, rafting, conservation project
  • Trail planning - select your Philmont trek
  • Operation Zero winter adventure at Sabattis

III. Are You Ready?

May to June

IV. Traveling and Touring


V. Your Philmont Trek


  • 12 days of high-adventure
  • 50 to 100+ mile backpacking treks
  • Climb challenging high peaks
  • Awesome natural beauty
  • Exciting programs at backcountry camps
  • Memories for a lifetime



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